10 Best Poetry Books of 2017

best poetry books

The 10 Best Poetry Books of 2017

Today, I present to you the 10 best poetry books of 2017. Poetry is a form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its apparent meaning. There’s something for everybody here. From the deeply established canonical works to riveting, important books by newer poets, from verse to prose, and everything in between.


1. Poems: Seeing in the Darkness – Kathleen Caldwell

First on our list of best poetry books of 2017 is Poems by Kathleen Caldwell. This book had a good range of poems. I really enjoyed the creativity the author had for these works of literature. Some of the poems also make you feel like you can relate to in a way. All are very well written and convey an emotional experience. I recommend giving this book a try!

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2. Love Her Wild: Poems – Atticus

I’ve been a fan of Atticus for a while now and this book does not disappoint. Each poem is filled with undeniable romance with every word. It is romantic in a sweet, heart-stopping, soul-aching kind of way. It also reminds the hopeless romantic in each of us that in fact, all hope is not lost and chivalrous love is still alive. You will never regret buying this book as you will go back to it again and again.

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3. Black Book of Poems – Vincent Hunanyan

A quick brilliant read. Black Book of Poems reflects the thoughts and feelings of the poet. In many ways, it is simple in language while deep in perspective. This book could be a material for discussion in classrooms because the topics talked about in the poems are very relatable to the people these days. There are also two short stories at the end of it which are both full of symbolism.

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4. La Mer – Saint Knives

Saint Knives is skilled in vivid word paintings. Evocative words drop from the pages which make an elegant collection. Her poems run from soft to poignant to slightly bitter, but never holding us at arms length. Definitely a must read for trans women!

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5. Tales of My Former Self  – Kelly Blaus

Fifth on our list of best poetry books in 2017 is Tales of My Former Self by Kelly Blaus. I read this book in one night. Kelly Blaus’ words are so strong and genuine I just couldn’t put it down. This bold collection of stark, unaffected poems introduces a fresh, fierce, and courageous new voice to the medium. It is gorgeously written with such an aesthetically pleasing look to it. Warning, this will really hit your feelings. Worth the read.

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6. Salve – Yasmin Cheyenne

Yasmine’s poetry and prose always hit home. The chapters and pieces of work within them sparked epiphanies, self – reflection, hope, and joy. I flip through the book on a daily basis and each time to find the perfect wisdom or inspiration to my day. Yasmin is a pure genius with words and I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

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7. A Gathering of Larks: Letters to Saint Francis from a Modern-Day Pilgrim – Abigail Carroll

An elegant and unique book. This book contains a series of letters that the author has written to St. Francis of Assisi. These letters not only bring Francis into conversation with present-day realities, they also breathe life into the rigid, lawn-ornament image of Francis that tends to linger in most people’s minds. This book is an easy read but you will want to go back with a pencil in hand to ponder the treasures. Take the time to relish this extraordinary book!

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8. Still Pilgrim: Poems – Angela Alaimo O’Donnell

Still Pilgrim showcases a steady faith and the journey of a woman through the seasons of life and liturgy. The author is speaking to us in sonnets, elegantly conversational sonnet variations, as she meditates on the transient world and its challenges to enduring human spirit. The poems in this book aim to tell a story, albeit by means of glimpses and gleanings rather than continuous narrative. This book is definitely worthwhile!

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9. WHEREAS: Poems – Layli Long Soldier

Everyone who cares about history should read these poems. They are deeply moving and deeply humane. This poet brings together history, amazing perspectives, beautiful language and a contemporary look at Native American issues. Mind-blowingly terrific! This may very well be my favorite book of poetry I’ve ever read.

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10. Simulacra – Airea D. Matthews

The last book on our best poetry books list is Simulacra by Airea Matthews. Simulcra re-imagines numerous forms of communication, in lineated and prose poems haunted by ghosts and gods, both Egyptian and Greek. Airea Dee Matthews’s debut is one of the most indubitably groundbreaking and hard-hitting poetry collections of the 21st century. Her intuitive wit, darkly satirical humor, and a scathing gravity all intertwine to configure one of the most innovative works of 21st century literature. It’s a collection of provocative, thought provoking and insightful intense imagery for the reader.

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