How to Find a Profitable Niche – Self Publishing

How to Find a Profitable Niche – Self Publishing

One of the biggest challenges with self publishing on amazon or any platform is finding a profitable niche. Many people think they can just write a book on any topic they are interested in and they will make money. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

To make money selling any book there has to be a preexisting interest in that specific topic. People need to be actively seeking information, answers or that form of entertainment if it’s fiction. If you write a book on a topic that doesn’t have these interests, even if the book is very good, it will still fail.

So, in today’s video I’ll teach you exactly how to find a profitable niche to self publish in.

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Video Transcript – How to Find a Profitable Niche:

Hey guys, it’s Ryan from Today, I’ve got a great video for you. I want to tell you guys how to find a profitable book niche. So, basically a category of books that you can write in and publish books on that you’ll make a ton of money or at least has the potential for you to make a ton of money. So to start off, usually people, they find a profitable niche a few different ways. The first one is you can write something you’re passionate about, so that’s a great way because you’re going to create a better book because you’re interested in the actual topic of the book already. But unfortunately, that book that way isn’t quite as guaranteed to be a profitable niche because you can write the best book in the world but if nobody is actually interested in it, nobody wants to actually read about it, then it’s not going to sell. It doesn’t even matter how much you marketed it, how much time you spend trying to get people to buy it. They won’t buy it anyway because it’s just not an interesting topic.

Now, on the other hand, if you publish on a topic that say, tons of people are already looking for that information, then you’re much, much … you have a much, much higher chance of having a successful book and a successful launch. Yeah, so basically the second way to do this is to look and find and see what’s already selling well. So, basically see what people are already interested in, what people are looking for, what they want, and by doing that, when you find that, that’s how you’ll find a profitable niche and a good category to publish and write a book in.

So, there’s a couple ways that you can go about doing that. The main one that I usually do is to … actually there’s a few main ones but the first main one I usually do is I look at best selling lists. I’ll get on websites like Barnes and Noble’s or Amazon or even just on Google, like in googling “best selling lists” or wherever, but just get on the best selling lists, look through the different books that are selling, that are selling well, and try to find patterns, try to find correlations. You know, if you can see let’s say, in the top one hundred best selling books on Amazon, they’re all on diets, okay. They’re all on like, let’s say weight loss diets, maybe cooking or something. Then you know that if you write a book about weight loss or dieting or cooking that there’s a much higher chance for you to have success and to make money because people are already interested in that.

They’re looking for that. They’re already spending money on that, hence why it’s a best selling category or book. And then from there you can narrow it down even further. Let’s say you have an idea for a book or category that you think is going to sell very well. You can go actually search for that specific category, so maybe it’s not weight loss, but it’s calisthenics and weight loss, somebody looking to work out without weights, and you can go narrow it even further.

And then once you’ve done that, you can actually look at all this on Amazon anyway, there’s a few other websites where you can do this, too, but on Amazon you can actually look at each individual book and see how well it’s selling. Amazon will tell you, you know, it ranks it. It’s called the … for an ebook it’s called an ASIN number, and it’s in the product description down, down the page a little bit. But they’ll actually tell you how well each individual book is selling, so you can go look in a category and again we can take weight loss, and you can go through each individual book on all of the lists and find out how well each one is selling. It’ll rank it from you know, rank number one all the way up to like two million.

And it’ll tell you where it is in between, so you might click on a book and it’ll say it’s number 20,000. That’s pretty good. A book that’s in the twenty thousands is probably making five hundred dollars a month just from that. Just from that book, and that’s just from the ebook version. Maybe a little less than five hundred. I don’t know, it depends on the book, what it’s priced for as well. But you can do the same thing for paperback books. You can look and they’ll tell you the selling numbers as well.

So that’s one way to look on best selling lists online, on Amazon, on other places, Barnes and Noble’s and you know, stuff like that or Kobo even. But the other way that I found a profitable niche and genres and categories of books to write in and publish in is by going to bookstores actually. A lot of people don’t think about this but when you’re trying to find a topic to write about, you can go in a bookstore and you can do two things. One you can see what’s on display. What’s in the front, you know, are there giant piles of the same type of book? You can even look through the shelves in each individual category. Let’s say you want to write on business but you don’t know what topic to write on business. Go look and usually in a book store, they’ll have the best selling books listed right up front. They’ll all, you know, they’ll … or they’ll have a larger place, a larger shelf area just for that book because it’s a hot seller.

And that you can help you narrow it down and I mean, you can even, not that you want to copy a book, but you can certainly copy a book topic. I mean, again, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. There’s, who knows, a thousand books on how to write a resume. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go and write a book on how to write a resume and still make money. People are interested in it. You might write the 2017 updated edition, you know, that the older books might be older, so people don’t want to buy them. There’s always room for a new book in a category.

So, the other thing you can do at bookstores is you can actually watch what other people are looking at. And this might depend on the day and the people that you see, but you can just kind of hang out there and see what people are looking at. What book grab their attention? You know, what are they buying the most? What section has the most people frequenting it? That’s a pretty important one there for finding a profitable niche.

Next on the list of how to find a profitable niche to publish in is actually to go on like viral news sites and media sites I’ve found, and just kind of see what people are sharing the most. What is generating the most clicks and the most reads and is getting the most views? And same on YouTube, you can do that on YouTube, too, but with the viral sites generally they’re articles, so they’ll be like an article about, I don’t know, how to browse the internet anonymously or something. But it’s getting ten million views. If there’s an article out there that’s getting ten million views, most likely those people will also be willing to pay for that information as well, especially in an ebook or even a paperback book if you them enough value.

Those are the main ways that I find book topics in, best selling lists, viral lists and bookstores, actual physical bookstores. And it’s, just from there, I mean, if you just go onto Amazon and you search for a best selling list. There’s like what? They give you like a thousand books. Those are a thousand books and probably at least five hundred different topics that you could pick from to write about that are hot sellers. People are buying them up which means that if you published another book, people are probably going to be interested in it as long as it’s valuable. So, that’s about it. I hope this is able to help you guys. Thanks for watching. If you liked it, please leave a comment below or like or subscribe to our channel.

Take it easy guys.

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2 thoughts on “How to Find a Profitable Niche – Self Publishing”

  1. There’s some great information here – thanks. Some I already knew eg: Amazon and Google but also ideas I would never have come up with myself eg: actually visiting a book shop! Again, many thanks.

    • No problem Helen, I’m happy to help!

      Yeah visiting a book shop can be eye opening when you do it from the perspective of publishing and seeking to learn from it instead of searching for a book. I’ll often browse around and compare my books in the same genres to the other books that are similar.

      I try to figure out what about their books gives them the competitive edge, is it the cover, the title, are the including different information inside the book that I might be able learn from, etc..

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