How to Publish a Book on Amazon

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

I know many of you want to know how to publish a book, but are having a difficult time figuring out exactly what to do. There are a ton of different factors to worry about as well as all kinds of advice from various sources.

So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to weed through everything. I would like to share with you some of the strategies that I’ve used in my business to successfully publish many different books.

Self-publishing doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It does take some time and getting used to, but trust me, if I can do it then you can too!

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How to Publish a Book on Amazon

Today, I’m going to tell you exactly how to publish a book from start to finish. Everything that’s included. One of the reasons that a lot of people don’t get into self-publishing and never publish their own work is because they’re afraid that self-publishing is difficult, that it will take a lot of time, that they will make mistakes, that they don’t know what they’re going to be doing and that it’s expensive.

All of these are unfortunately incorrect, and because of that, people end up losing out on great opportunities to publish their own works or make money online. Today, we’re going to cover all of that. Everything from formatting and to actually self publishing. I’m not going to go too deep into the specifics of each thing, but I’m just going to outline a blueprint of what you need to do and where you need to go to get the specific things done.

Step One – Basic Book Creation: Niche / Title / Subtitle

The very first step for how to publish a book is that you need to find your book niche. Then you need to create a book title for it. The title needs to be relevant to the book, it needs to be compelling, short and well thought out. You need to have an author name or a pen name ready and a subtitle. Once you’ve created these, then you need to create a cover.

For this, you can do a couple different things. I highly, highly recommend that you do not create the cover yourself. A lot of people do this. I think it’s a mistake. By creating the cover on their own people get a little naïve about what’s a good cover and what’s not, but if you’re a professional graphic designer, by all means go create your own cover. I still would recommend you get some third party eyes on it first to have other people review it and look at it first.

Step Two – Finding Graphic Designers for Your Cover

There’s a couple different places you can go to get covers created. The first one, I’ll start off with the cheapest option, would be a place called There you can get a cover made for $5 – $20. They’re all going to be decent quality, but they’re not going to be the greatest. If you’re just starting out, you know, it’s not a bad idea. Definitely go there and you can at least get some ideas.

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The second place would be or For these you’re going to have to actually hire somebody. You’re going to put out a job description, interview people and then hire them, but it’s pretty simple once you get on there. You can get a cover, a great cover, actually, made for as little as $20. If you really want to go above and beyond, you can spend $50 – $100 on there for a cover. In my experience, personally, I spend $25 – $30 a cover, and they come out excellent. Better than a lot of covers I see online, actually.

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The last option for creating your cover will be a place called 99Designs. The thing about 99Designs that’s really cool is that 99 or 100 or 150 different designers will actually create a design and compete for your business. They’ll create all these designs, and you get to pick through them all and choose and see which one’s the best. You can even have people vote on them. Then, after you’re done picking them all, you pay the final winner of your choosing. This is a little more expensive than the other two options I mentioned. It starts at $199 but it’s worth it in the end if you really, really want a good cover because you’re get tons of different designs from a bunch of different people.

Step Three – Writing the Book

Okay, so now on to the actual creation of the book. For this method of how to publish a book, I’m talking about Amazon will accept all sorts of different manuscripts. Everything from PDFs to Word document files to, you know, actual EPUB formatted files and a bunch more. I think the easiest way is to use Microsoft Word and to just format the files using that.

Anyway, you’re going to want to create a book. The minimum publishing length for a book is 26 pages, I believe. Maybe 25 pages which is either way, it’s about 5,000 words. If you write a book, it’s 5,000 words in length. That’s all you need. Granted, that’s short. You might want to have a little bit longer of a book. I recommend at least 10,000 to 15,000 words which would be around 50 pages to 75 pages. You know, as a minimum length, that’s what I do as a minimum for my books. If you can go longer, that’s great. But you don’t want to go too long either.

Anything over 40,000 words, you’re getting a bit too long unless you have a very, very interesting book. You know, you’re asking people to read for hours, especially if it’s non-fiction. Most non-fiction people want to read their book quick and want to get a couple hours in and know what they want to know, what they’re looking for. You can either write the book yourself or you can go on another website like, I would recommend Upwork. You can put out another job posting and hire somebody specifically to write the book for you. Like I said, if you’re your own author, you can just write the book yourself. That’s totally fine.

Another place you can go to is companies that specifically specialize in content writing. You can hire them, so like article writing companies and so on. A lot of them will do books for you too. I’m not going to say specific names of companies because I don’t personally use them, but you can always go to Google and just type in, “Article writing companies,” and a bunch will come up.

Step Four – Formatting the Book

The fourth step on how to publish a book is formatting. Once you have the book written, and it’s longer than 5,000 words, what you want to do is format it.

Like I said earlier, I use Microsoft Word for this, so you just go into Microsoft Word. There’s some specifications that you need to make it, you need to format it with. Amazon’s a little bit strict on formatting, so if you make errors, they’re going to warn you about them or flag your book or potentially pause it from sales until you can fix the errors if they find them.

The gist of it is pretty simple. You need a title page, you need a copyright page and you need a table of contents that’s clickable. Then, you need chapters in order. One, two, three, four, five. They don’t need to be listed as chapter one, chapter two, chapter three. It can be just names and words, but the table of contents needs to match the chapters. It needs to go in order. There’s formatting tools in Microsoft Word for that. A quick YouTube search for videos, you can find a ton of easy ways to do it.

I’ll also be creating a couple videos on it, so subscribe for that or view my blog. Basically, you want to normalize all the text. It’s just a formatting button. You just highlight all the text. Click normalize.

Then you want to highlight the chapter titles and click “Heading 1”

Anyways, once you’re done with that, you can save it as .docx or .doc. Just a basic Word document file. Once you have your title, you have your cover made, you have your manuscript or your document and it’s formatted correctly, the next thing that you need to do is actually publish the book.

Step Five – Publishing Your Book

All you have to do is go to Create an account if you don’t have one. It will ask you to fill in some legal information like your social security number, your address, your bank account info so they can pay you.

It actually only takes 10, 15 minutes to sign up. Once you’ve signed up, there’s a big button right on one of the main screens after you log in to It says, “Create a new book.” You click on that. You click on that button, fill in the information, you know, title, subtitle, author, book description, keywords.

Keywords are very important. They’re what people search for, so the keywords that you type in there are the keywords that your book will show up for when people search and what you’ll rank for. We’ll get into that in a whole other video. I could do a whole video on that. After you’ve filled out all the information, upload your cover file, upload your manuscript file, set a price for the book. Then, click publish and that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

KDP or Amazon will put your book on the website. Then, it will start selling. You can run promotions. After that, the only part left to self-publishing is to do promotions and market your book and create followings and just get it out there. Get the word out there and actually sell it. That’s how to publish a book.

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