#1 Kindle Publishing Secret: Make More Money Online

#1 Kindle Publishing Secret: Make More Money Online

Today, I want to discuss kindle publishing secrets that will take you to the next level of making money online with self publishing. After years of working in the publishing industry and trying many, many different tactics to make more money with publishing I’ve come to the conclusion that there is one single thing that will make you more money than anything else.

This coupled with the a great marketing plan, excellent titles and stunning book covers will make you a successful author or self publisher.

So without further ado I present to you: The #1 Kindle Publishing Secret

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The #1 Kindle Publishing Secret

Do you want to know the secret to making money online with Kindle Publishing and ebook publishing in general? Today I’m going to tell you that secret.

You’re browsing the internet and you’re looking around online and you see all these different people and authors and they’re making money online. They’re making tons of money, and you want to know how to do that. I understand, I wanted to know how to do that at one point. I saw these people making $50,000 a month and I was like, “Holy crap. How are they doing that? How did they get to that point?”

Personally, I’m not making $50,000 a month right now, but I was able to make enough money to quit my day job and live off of passive income and have a wonderful life and house and animals, and I enjoy what I’m doing. I think that the biggest mistake that most people make with kindle publishing online and the actual real secret is they don’t give up. They publish more and more and more books. They don’t publish one, they don’t publish two, they don’t publish three, they publish 20 plus. They’ll publish 30 or 40 or 50 books.

A Real Life Example

Take a look at Stephen King. He’s a great author and he’s very famous and has been for a long time, but he also has tons and tons of books. Take a look at any kindle publishing company that’s been successful. They have tons and tons and tons of books. You can hit it off and you can sell one and make a lot of money from one book. The real key is tons, is to just publish, publish, publish, publish, publish and don’t stop.

The other thing is, the other two factors in this are topic and keywords, especially online. For topic, you want to pick topics that are hot, topics that are best-selling, topics that everybody and their brother is interested in and wants to learn about and wants to hear about. If you’re looking online and cookbooks are the next best thing and everybody’s buying them, publish a cookbook. Make a cookbook. If you’re on there and everybody’s interested, into weight loss books, make a weight loss book. If everybody’s into romantic fiction, publish romantic fictions books. It’s simple. Find the trends. Publish in the trends.

What about keywords?

The same thing for keywords. Keywords are huge in terms of selling books. If you want to sell something online and make money with a book, you need to have the right words, the right keywords, which are what people search for. Without that, you’re going to fail. You’re not going to sell anything. If you have a book on cookbooks and you publish it and in your keyword section you write the word, “tree,” no one would ever do that probably, but if you did, no one is going to find that. No one is searching for trees on Amazon. You need to find the words that people are searching for, find topics that they’re searching for and publish on that. Then publish a lot. Publish a lot of books.

What Do Large Publishers Do?

I was talking to a major publisher one time, who was making over $60,000 a month, and what I found out was that they don’t have a book that makes $50,000 a month. What they have are 1,000 books that all make $75 a month. You have $75 a month times 1,000 books, that’s $75,000 a month. The math is simple. Publish 1,000 books, each one makes $75, now you have $75,000 a month.

I think people are going about the whole kindle publishing system all wrong. It’s not about hitting a best-seller. I mean, it is. If you can make a best-seller, by all means, create a best-seller and you’ll make more money. The real issue is publish more. Publish more, even if you’ve only published three or four and they’re not selling. You might think, “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t do this. Maybe it’s not worth it.” That’s not the case. Probably, you haven’t learned enough yet. You’ve published three or four books and you just haven’t learned enough about everything. Keep learning. I guarantee you, you publish enough books, you will make money.

That’s about it. For an example, you can take me as an example. I published probably five books, I think, six books, before I even started to make any money, before I was even making $100 a month. By the time I got to 15, 20 books, suddenly I was making a couple thousand a month. Then it just went up from there.

The 3 Kindle Publishing Secrets

That’s the secret. Those are the three secrets. Three secrets: Very, very popular niches; very, very good keywords that people are searching for, figure out that. I’ll probably create a video on it, so subscribe follow me, whatever. Go to my blog, I’m sure you’ll find some information about it there. Then lastly, publish more. Publish, publish, publish, publish and don’t stop.

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