Scribd Review: Why You Should Try The Scribd Free Trial In 2017

Scribd Review: Why You Should Try The Scribd Free Trial In 2017

Many of you might have heard of a company called Scribd. Actually, if you browse our website often you’ve probably even seen a banner for it on the right side of the page. People compare it to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Free Trial or other similar services, but it can be a little confusing to figure out the differences.

Today, I’m going to tell you my Scribd review and explain exactly why you should try the 30 day Scribd free trial.

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The Scribd Free Trial Has TONS of Books

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To start off, I love to read. I’m assuming that if you are here on this website then you love to read as well. One of the main benefits Scribd has for reading lovers is that their digital library contains over 1 million books, audiobooks, and comics. This is huge.

Some of you might say, “But Ryan, amazon has over 4 million books. What’s so special about Scribds 1 million?”. Yes, Amazon has more books, but most of their books are junk. Amazon specializes in allowing self publishers to publish anything they want on their platform.

The difference here is that Scribd hand selects the best books to keep in their library. This means you won’t be scrolling through thousands of junk books. Instead you will only be seeing the top rated ones around.

Scribd Has Apps For Everyone

Another great feature is that Scribd has an app you can download for your phone, tablet or e-reader.¬†Similar to Amazon’s app it’s available in both the iPhone and Android stores. Best of all is that it’s completely free.

The app itself isn’t too flashy, but it has all the necessary features you’d expect that make reading easy and convenient. Pinch to zoom, left and right swiping for page turns, location saving/bookmarking. It even has a highlighting feature where you can leave annotations which is great if you are studying for a class.

One of the most unique features about Scribd is that it has over 10,000 Marvel Comic books. This is something that no other book service has.

To sum up my Scribd Review: Scribd is one of the better services available today for finding great books to read or listen to. It’s convenient, cheaper than Amazon and has many unique features. Best of all you can try it completely free for 30 days.

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