Self Publishing Success The Truth About Quality Books

Self Publishing Success The Truth About Quality Books

If you’ve been in the publishing or self publishing business for any amount of time you will have eventually come across the extremely important question of quality vs quantity. Is it more important to publish less books that are of a higher quality? Or is it better to publish more books but sacrifice some quality in the mean time?

While, I do believe that a healthy balance is necessary to be successful with this. One thing is sure. Without a quality product you will not survive in the long term in ANY business.

Take this example: You go to the store and you buy a product. Within a couple days it breaks and becomes unusable. Unfortunately, you need this product so you go back to buy a new one. When you look on the shelves you see the exact same product except it’s made from a different manufacturer or brand. You’re more likely to buy that one because the first brand you tried broke immediately. However, if the first one was great quality and didn’t break for a long time you would most likely buy the original brand again.

This logic applies the exact same way to books. If you bought a book under a specific publishers brand or authors brand and the book sucks. Then you’re not going to buy another buy from them. HINT: You’re customers feel the same way about your books

Today, I discuss the full impact this has and what things can be improved that make the most difference.

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Self Publishing Success – Quality vs Quantity

Hey guys, it’s Ryan from In today’s video, I’m gonna talk about the importance of publishing quality books. So something I’ve been seeing a lot with Amazon from the beginning and all, and some of the people who compete with me and with my books, I see this and probably the reason I win, I beat them is, or one of the reasons is because their books suck. They publish bad books.

By this, I don’t mean they’re a bad writer or that, any of that. I mean that they don’t put a lot of time and effort into the cover. They don’t put a lot of time and effort into creating a title. More importantly, they don’t put a lot of time and effort into the content of the book. Not the writing style, the content. So for this, I mean, I see all these people, they publish a book, it’s 5000 words in length, or maybe 8000 or whatever, it’s short. It’s very short. And not only that, but the content in it isn’t that groundbreaking. They barely deliver on what they say they are.

It’s All About the Experience

They create a title that says, “The Craziest Weight Loss Secret in the World!” And then they write 45 minutes worth of information and it’s not even groundbreaking. It’s not even anything crazy. It’s not, it doesn’t even really teach the people much. It just tells people, “Hey, you need to lose weight. You need to stop eating.” Okay. Cool. Well, I already knew that. So the biggest thing, another big thing that I see is that they don’t proofread at all. They don’t get any proofreaders and, now proofreading isn’t necessary, but it will definitely improve the quality of your book. It’ll improve it, it’ll make it more enjoyable to read, I guess. It’ll make readers enjoy the whole experience better.

I mean, no one wants to buy a book and buy a product that has errors all over it, and mistakes and typos and formatting problems and all that, no one wants that. People want, when people are paying money for a product, they want a good experience. So quality. Quality is very, very, very, very important. Get your book proofread, get it formatted correctly. Make sure it provides valuable content.

What Happens to Bad Books Over Time?

It doesn’t have to be crazy long, but at least long enough for what people are paying for it. And it just needs to be good in general. The other thing, the reason that quality is important is because you’re never gonna survive for a long time. If you’re self publishing books and you’re an author or you’re a publisher, and you’re publishing bad, low-quality books, you’re not gonna have much longevity. Because what happens is, either A. word gets out, your book sucks, or B. people leave bad reviews.

If you get on Amazon and you find a product or book and the majority of the reviews are bad, you’re probably not gonna buy it, and neither is anybody else. So that’s, it’s very important to create high-quality content. People don’t give you bad reviews. You can’t, there’s not really any way around that. You can’t get rid of a review once it’s on there. So some people are like, “Oh, yeah, I don’t care. I’m just gonna keep publishing books.” But that’s cool too. Do whatever you want, I don’t care, but the, your books aren’t gonna last. So you’re kinda wasting some money.

Yeah, you can just keep self publishing new, keep publishing, keep publishing, create new books, new books, and not worry about the fact that your older books are disappearing because the reviews are bad because your quality is bad. But would it be better to have a good quality book that gets good reviews that lasts for a long time? If it’s really, actually a helpful book and it helps the people that you’re selling it to and people who are buying it, they’re gonna keep it. They’re gonna write good reviews. They’re gonna recommend it to their friends.

How to Win Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth, that’s the best way to sell anything. And you’re just gonna have, you’re gonna make a lot more money over a long time. You might be able to trick people quickly and say, “Hey, I got this book, buy it now,” and they’ll buy it, but then once they realize that it’s not a good book, they’re not gonna trust you.

They’re not gonna buy any more of your books, they’re gonna go, “Wow, you sold me a bad book, I’m not gonna buy any more of his books,” whereas you can create, you can put that extra money, that extra time into creating a quality book and suddenly, you have a repeat customer.

You might have a customer who comes in, he buys all your stuff. Every book you have just because one of them was good, or recommends it to his family or buys it or somebody buys it and they happen to be a teacher and they decide, “Wow, this is a good book, I want to buy 30 copies for my classroom.” None of that would happen if it’s a bad book. So make quality, quality books. You’ll be a lot more successful in the end, that’s all I can say. So if this video was helpful, guys, please subscribe, like, comment below.

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