Get Tor Online – Tor and The Dark Net Book Review

Get Tor Online – Tor and The Dark Net Book Review

Protecting yourself in the online world is one of the most important things you can do. Today all of your information is at the fingertips of hackers, the NSA, or anyone else who simply wants to google your name.

Tor and The Dark Net by James Smith is a book that focuses on how to avoid revealing these personal and private facts about yourself while using tor online.

It can also be used to hide your identity while just browsing the web or for circumventing firewalls that prevent you from viewing specific websites.

Ultimately, it is up to you to protect yourself and Tor and The Dark Net might be the answer you are looking for.

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Video Transcript:

Hey guys what’s up, it’s Ryan from In this video I’ll be reviewing the book Tor and The Darknet by James Smith. To start off, this is an awesome book. On of my favorite ones on internet anonymity. If you’re not familiar with internet anonymity, Tor, the Dark Net or the Deep Web. Basically they are all ways to hide yourself online.

Tor, and the dark net in particular are all ways that you can hide. It’s like a whole underground internet so you can access all sorts of information that you’d never be able to access on the normal internet, Google, Yahoo and Facebook and all of that stuff.

It’s also useful in like a thousand different ways and people use it for so many different things in today’s world. For instance,  journalists use it. They’ll go to foreign countries that are you know in turmoil and dangerous. Then report information that they find out and when they don’t want people to know that they are the person who found it. Or that they are the person who leaked the information.

Another thing is you guys are probably all familiar with Edward Snowden and him leaking information about the NSA while one of the ways that he does that is through Tor. He uses it because he can leak the information out to the public and then nobody can find him. Tthe governments and  the U.S. can’t find out where exactly he is.

You can also use it just simply hide your IP address when you’re browsing forums or if you access any emails or anything else. That way nobody knows exactly where you’re located or who you are. The best part is it’s 100% free. Which is great.

So that’s enough about all of that. Let’s talk about the actual book Tor and The Darknet. To start off the book is about 120 pages so it’s not too long. It’ should only take you a couple days max to read. Some parts are a little technical but it’s not difficult over all.

It does have some flaws and I want to say. It’s a little bit like a blog post sometimes, like a series of them, but really who cares it’s more about the information it contains.

The book can be broken down into about 3 different sections. The technical, the example and the advice. For the first part it gives you a whole list of technical information. You have everything from JavaScript vulnerabilities to metadata information that you need to delete to hide. As well as encryption methods – communication encryption and disk encryption. He tells you how to install Tor. How to put it on a jump drive. All sorts of crazy stuff. I think he also includes in there a link where you can download his step-by-step guide to install Tor on a jump drive. It’s basically all the technical details you’ll need to get tor online  and running.

After that are the examples. These are one thing I like about this book. The author tends to use a lot of real world examples with news stories that back them up.

Let’s take the metadata for example. Basically he will tell you how to remove metadata from your photos when you upload them online so that people can’t track your photos ans see where you were when you took the photo. Then he’ll give you a real life example of somebody who didn’t do that and got caught.

Using tor online can help for everything from the government and the cops or police catching you for uploading a photo when you’re in hiding. Or if you’re a kid and you upload a photo with metadata and stalker or creeper online finds that information.

I mean the possibilities are endless.

So that’s just an example and then there’s the advice section and and in this section he tells his best advice and best wisdom on what you should and shouldn’t do while using tor online. As well as places you should and shouldn’t go.

Also in the advice section he covers everything from how to speak in forums to how you should talk and what information you should be wary about giving away. All sorts of great stuff. It’s a whole package.

If you want to get tor online and you want to remain anonymous. Or you’re don’t want to be traceable or trackable by anybody. I mean this works for the NSA too which is crazy. The government created it I think and I know it’s kind of weird. I’d be a little skeptical too if government created something that I was using to try to hide myself but they made it so good that even they can’t track it and that’s the whole point if they can’t track it.

So if you’re interested in Tor or the Darknet and want to look into it more then check out the link in my description. Tor and The Dark Net by James Smith. That’s all for today so i’ll see you guys next time!

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